Monthly Archives: October 2011

Overcoming trials


How do people live without God in their lives? I know that sometimes if something bad happens I feel like I’m grasping at straws for help or support. I always have my mind and my words to pray to Jesus about anything.  I know that sometimes I do feel alone, and I don’t know how someone would be able  to spend every second of their day trying to do things on their own.


My connection with Jesus


Ever since I can remember I’ve been big on praying. I’ll pray about anything. I’ll pray for a patient with stomach problems, the weather, my dog, my finances, family, church members. I even pray about things that I think others may think aren’t worth praying about. See the thing is that I think that there is not one thing in our lives that Jesus hasn’t been through himself. He gets our human emotions, and he can handle them in our prayer life.

New baby


We have adopted a puppy. He is just a precious little angel. His name is Rusty and he is 7 months old.  His body is orange and white with a curly tail, has an underbite with one tooth that curls up over his top lip, and eye brows that show his moods. His vet thinks that he is a basenji/ chihuahua mix and I see both in his personality. He shakes when he’s nervous, hunt rabbits and rips their heads off, he yoddles and barks. He has quite the personality and wins your heart when you meet him.

He does the funniest things. My husband came upstairs to see me with his phone in hand and shows me a picture of how Rusty had, some how, pooped on the wall!  What a talented little fella we have. Just last night I was getting ready for work and he was lying on our bed and he rolled over and put his paw up toward me to let me know he wanted his tummy rubbed.  When he gets a bath he runs around the house like a bat out of Hades and chases his tail. It’s a scream to watch him.  He is a real cuddle bug too. He sleeps between us every night.

He stayed with his Grandpa and Grandma when we went on a vacation to Florida. My mother was telling me how Rusty looks at Dad like he hung the moon.  She took the cuties pictures of Dad and Rusty taking a nap together.  Rusty jumps up onto his lap and Dad has a long conversation with him. Rusty looks up at him and reacts with moving eyebrows, ears and head cocking, like he knows what he’s saying .  Our hearts are warmed by him coming into our home.