Monthly Archives: April 2011

Life with death


I love my dog Luke. He’s been with my husband and me for 5 years. I love the way he comes to find me whenever he is let out of his cage. I love the way he barks when told to speak. I love his puppy-dog eyes look that he gives me when he wants a scrap of food off of my plate. He has allergies and in order for him to not scratch his skin off we’ve had to treat him with steroids. This medication causes kidney, liver and heart disease. We took him to the vet for some tests and what they found really surprised us. His heart is enlarged and pressing up on his esophagus, the lining of his stomach and his intestines are thickened and he has pulmonary edema. We tried treating his skin with antibiotics and a couple of other medicines and we were giving him lasix twice a day for the pulmonary edema.

     He was not getting better at all, and it was breaking my heart to see him suffer so terribly. So we made the hard decision to put him to sleep. My house is so empty and quiet and I’m feeling so so lonely. He was my buddy and kept me company all day long. He was my bed partner and my snuggle buddy. I was with him when he passed on and it was traumatic.  The hardest times are at night and first thing in the morning. We had a routine together, and he was a major part of my life and I will miss him so very much. No other dog with ever be able to replace him. I miss him so much every single day.