Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bad mom


What is up with the state systems now? I have a patient that had a family member call up to the hospital and say that she does drugs and that DHS has taken one of her children from her. No one bothered to test the mom or the baby for drugs to see if this was true. When I go into the room it reeks of cat urine, and a coworker tells me that is a sign of meth use. They have little reddish scabs all over their bodies, and this is a sign of past “tweaking.” This patient is so manipulative. She asked me about getting a breast pump, and I told her that it is too early to start pumping. I wanted the lactation nurse to see the patient first to make sure that her baby is latching properly. Do you know what she did? She told the patient tech that I forgot to get her a breast pump, and the tech went and got it. It made me angry because she was telling me lies about the nursery nurse before that. She is just going to do what she wants regardless of what I say and that is that. I can’t do anything about it. The state knows she does drugs and doesn’t do anything about the fact that her baby is screaming and in pain withdrawing from meth or that her two-year old acts out because he’s getting meth through exposure to the smoke.

Some days when I come to work and I encounter people like this I get so frustrated. I don’t know why I’m expected to smile at this lady and treat her with respect and make sure she has a “great stay.” She will get her 15 minute message and go to her baby’s “birthday party” and have its pictures made in our professional studio.  She’s going to act like she’s the perfect mother and think that all the staff at the hospital is stupid and doesn’t know anything. But I will go in there with my happy face with my heart aching for her. My heart is broken for that whole family and how lost they are because of their addictions. Now you understand why it’s hard not to bring my work home with me.


New Year new plans


It’s a new year finally. Why is it that when there’s a new year we feel like we get a fresh start? It is just the continuation of life as it is currently going. Wow I sound a little pessimistic. I do have some very important goals for this new year though. I’ve taken a good look at my health and my body in my Christmas pictures and I want to do something about it. I’m tired most of the time and I really don’t have that much energy at all. I’d like to be able to go into any store and pick out clothes and have them fit. I have a plan on how I”m going to get this goal accomplished. I am hoping that by losing some weight I can get pregnant. I’ve got PCOS and the number one thing that doctors suggest to do is to lose weight. Both my mom and I feel like something positive is going to happen this year.

The next thing that I want to do is stop taking shortcuts with friendships. I want to stop texting and call people on the phone because I am afraid that my people skills have diminished some. I want to be able to spend more time with friends doing things together. I’d like to rely on relationships a little more instead of feeling lonely.

I want to pay off some bills this year. So far I’ve been getting called in on my on call shifts and this extra money sure helps. My husband and I are taking a trip to the mountains for our anniversary, and we need a vacation so badly. I just love hanging out with him and making memories.

I’d also like to get involved in my community and do things to help others. I have so much free time and I’m just sitting around the house wasting my talents. I want to step up to the plate and use my time wisely.